A Message from the President

To My Colleagues:

Futech Engineering Solutions, LLC continues to drive operating improvements and closely focused on improving performance and infrastructure. Our biggest accomplishments within the past three years as our success in securing federal and state contracts and formulating good strategic partnerships. Futech became a leading-edge company in Baltimore City targeting job growth in underutilized and distressed areas. One of our key programs in 2014 was to affiliate with the BWTECH incubator to promote sustainable green projects. In 2016, we began targeting opportunities in the federal sector with state and government agencies. Notable areas of interest are energy, healthcare & medical, IT, cybersecurity, and program management.

We are targeting opportunities in cybersecurity and other mission-critical projects. Futech will be connecting with NASA space agency, USDA, and other government agencies to build strong ties and relationships.

The job now is to make the vision work—to integrate our many individual talented individuals and strategic alliances and cultures, drive top-line and bottom-line growth, and forge a true tier-one technical services company. We are not only looking at opportunities here in the U.S but also abroad.

We made good progress, but there is still much to be done. Futech looks to achieve high levels of performance in key financial metrics and help draw shareholder interest in sustaining our company operations.

The leadership team is certainly the catalyst for our growth and industry for years to come. Our management team brings unique capability and industry knowledge prepared to help the company move forward.

Our strategic partners and many customers have helped us through difficult times and challenges, my own personal message is to thank each of you for making Futech Engineering Solutions, LLC what it is today. I wish each of you success and rewarding years ahead.

Sherman Davis
Founder and Chief Executive Officer