COVID-19 Health Solutions

Futech Engineering Solutions, LLC, and its nonprofit partner MDM are proud to announce the most innovative program to access doctors 24-7, eliminate copays and provide health program support during the Cold/Flu/Pandemic season. We ensure that our customers receive the high quality healthcare with low hassle, delay and cost. Flexible payment plans available. We invite you to review healthcare packages available and click on the link that appeals to you. Futech/MDM offers the following products:

Small Business Owners

With the high cost of health insurance premiums, copays and wait times, our Small Business health program is a great fit to access doctors, reduce copays. All Employers, sole practitioners, construction workers, restaurant workers, healthcare workers, musicians, entertainment, childcare, and any employees are eligible so take action now to select YOUR program! Mental Health Counseling is included with your subscription.

For Custom Group enrollment plans (employers with 5 or more employees), click here

Please call 877-433-0833 for more information; offer code is MDM
Small Business Owners click here


Don’t have time to wait a month to see a doctor? Not just you want to go out in the cold and flu season?

Anyone, with no qualifying can see a doctors immediately, 24-7. Includes mental health counseling for your peace of mind. Our health program is tailored to provide medical visits at your convenience for less than a dollar a day.


No insurance! No problem! High deductibles -gone forever. You can be covered in 24 hours! No ID or permanent residence necessary.


Healthcare Packages
Small Business Owner Monthly Employer Plans ($12 -indivual or $20 family)
Employee Plans ($12 – individual or $20 monthly)
click here or Call 877-433-0833 and give Offer Code: MDM


Healthcare Packages Available Now!
Individual Plans ($12 – individual or $20 monthly)


Single Moms and Dads – This is our best deal!
The Best Healthcare program with coverage for your entire family -up to 8 children.
click here or Call 877-433-0833 and give Offer Code: MDM

Other Community Members: Click for your customized plans!

  • Disabled
  • Veterans
  • Unemployed
  • First Job
  • College Students
  • COVID-19 Recovery
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Second careers

click here or Call 877-433-0833 and give Offer Code: MDM

Fundraising –Raise funds for a great cause. Church and School Fundraising Programs Available.

Please Call (443) 814-6329 to speak to a representative.