A Knowledgeable IT Consulting Firm with a Successful Track Record

Management Team

The company presents a strong management team with unique abilities in the commercial sector and the federal government. This experience makes Futech the right company to approach when it comes to getting the best service possible to provide for your business and technical solutions. Our management team is very diverse and made up of consultants and staff personnel that are dedicated in getting the job done.

The management team consists of business and technical professionals and consultants with years of experience in the private sector and defense industry. The management team comprises of:

  • Sherman L. Davis, Chief Executive Officer
  • Valeria D. Jones, Chief Operating Officer
  • Shernise Yarbough, Business Development
  • Thea G. Walker, Health Medical
  • Roderick Evans, Systems Engineering, IT & Cybersecurity
  • Reginald Rogers, Construction
  • Abdul-Razak Nuhu, Engineering

Sherman Davis,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, executive management, policies and procedures, and strategic alliance.

Valeria Jones,
Chief Operating Officer daily operations, financial reviews, project and program support to discuss company budget reporting.

Thea Walker,
Consultant, health medical services, program management, and finance.

Roderick Evans,
Consultant systems engineering, information technology, and cyber security. TS Poly Clearance.

Reginald Rogers,
Consultant, construction management and cost estimation.

Abdul-Razak Nuhu,
Engineering field providing support to department of defense programs with government and private sector industry in systems, logistics, configuration management, operations and maintenance, technical documentation, analysis and other technical support.