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To My Colleagues:

Overall, 2012 was successful year, with its share of successes and challenges. We continue to drive operating improvements and we are closely focused on improving the performance of a number of company infrastructure items.

In 2012, we were successful in identifying a business development source to help us secure federal and state contracts. We also located office space in Baltimore City to target underutilized opportunities and became an affiliate of the BWTECH incubator to promote our green projects. Already at the beginning of 2013, we received our very first federal task order with a government client. We anticipate this to be a good sign and a strong year for possible first time awards. Notable areas of interest are green energy, healthcare IT, and BRAC operations.

&I would also like to share with you a brief history on where we have been as a company, and what is on the landscape in front of us.

Two former technical writers launched this company in 1992 as a provider for technical documentation services.  The company remained stable throughout the decade, and later, grew to become a highly respected service provider of technical services in the engineering industry.  One of the company’s main contributions hopes to be in the area of national security and healthcare.

We are especially targeting opportunities in cyber security and other mission critical projects. Futech will be connecting with NASA space agency, USDA, and other government agencies to build strong ties and relationships.

The job now is to make the vision work—to integrate our many individual talented individuals and strategic alliances and cultures, drive top-line and bottom-line growth, and forge a true tier one technical services company. We are not only looking at opportunities here in the U.S but also abroad.

While we’ve made good progress, there is still a lot left to be done.  In particular, we need to achieve high levels of performance in key financial metrics and draw shareholder interest in reviving our company charter. 

The leadership team to be selected during the course of the year at Futech Engineering Solutions, LLC will certainly be the catalyst for our growth and industry for years to come.  Our new team, brings very unique capability and industry knowledge, and is extremely prepared to help lead the company.

To our strategic partners and many customers that have helped us through difficult times and challenges, my own personal message is to thank you for all that you’ve done to make Futech Engineering Solutions, LLC what it is today.  I wish each of you success and a rewarding year ahead. 

Sherman Davis
President and Chief Executive Officer